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Nephrology may be a branch of general medicine and medical specialty that deals with the functioning of urinary organ, whereas discussing urinary organ diseases, preventive and therapeutic measures in overcoming them. medical specialty conjointly deals with the diagnosing and treatment of assorted urinary organ diseases, that specifically includes solution disturbances and cardiovascular disease, and therefore the care of these those who need a excretory organ replacement medical care, which incorporates qualitative analysis and excretory organ transplant patients. medical specialty as a discipline arose from descriptive studies of childhood urinary tract infection. the design of traditional urinary organ feature worries with the urinary organ problems, treatment of urinary organ issues. excretory organ replacement medical care includes qualitative analysis and urinary organ transplantation. The kidneys ar a few of chromatic -crimson structures placed retro-peritoneal on the posterior wall of the abdomen from the twelfth vertebra to the third vertebra like excretory organ eater and excretory organ girdle section Kidneys play a significant role which incorporates filtration, re-absorption & excretion of metabolic waste merchandise like carbamide and ammonium ion, regulation blood stress, balance, and RBC production at intervals the body that create a lively form of ergocalciferol helps in maintaining bone health.

  • Diuretic resistance: physiology and therapeutics
  • Impact of genetic polymorphisms
  • Tubulointerstitial fibrosis
  • Nephrotic syndrome

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